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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber service?

Fiber internet service utilizes fiber optic cable to connect to the internet. Fiber internet allows individuals and families to do more online at the same time. Unlike DSL or satellite internet service, fiber has enough bandwidth to handle virtually any amount of Internet use.

For example, if one person in the home is streaming Netflix, another playing games online, and another browsing the Internet, no one will experience slowness when having fiber service.

When will service be available?

At this time (October 2019), we anticipate the build-out to begin in 8-10 months for the county. We are utilizing this website to gather interest in fiber services. Before construction can begin, we need easements. Please refer to the map on the homepage to see where we currently have and need easements.

How is the install done?

When installing fiber, we may bore, trench, or plow from our nearest line to the house. This will be a very narrow dig. In some instances, we may go overhead to the house from our nearest line. Finally, a box is installed on the home. The location of the box will be agreed upon between the homeowner and the installer. A line from the box will then go into the home.

How much does fiber internet service cost?

The cost will be $88 a month for 100 megabit per second residential internet service.

Are there data caps or limits?

No, unlike with cell phones, there is not a limit on data usage.

Will you offer telephone service?

For those that sign up for internet service, they will have the option to add home phone service for an additional $17 per month. Taxes and fees not included.

What if I rent the place where I would like to have service?

If the customer is currently renting the house or apartment he or she wishes to have service installed at, he or she will need to provide contact info for the property owner.

What if I am an Ameren customer, will I be able to get fiber service?

Our plan is to build-out the entire county, therefore you will be able to have fiber internet and phone service.

If I sign up, will I have to take the service?

We are using the sign-ups through this website in our initial numbers to build-out the fiber network. Our hope is that everyone that signs up will want the fiber service when it becomes available.

I have not signed an easement, but would like to. What should I do?

If you would like to sign an easement, give us a call at 1-800-468-4732.